Affordable Funerals

Starting At $3000

No two funerals are alike, so feel free to contact Robyn and Graham Rosemane to discuss your needs and arrange a memorable service 

Pre Paid Funeral Plan

A pre paid funeral allows you to lock in your choices about your service, secured at todays prices.
Your funds are held independently with Lifeplan Funeral Plan Management and invested on your behalf.
Choose to pay in a lump sum or in instalments over a fixed period of time. You decide on your type of service and this is formalised in a formal contract with Lifeplan.

Secured at todays prices
Secured at todays prices
Funds held independently of a funeral director with Lifeplan Funeral Plan Management
Payment options available
Does not affect means tested pension
No contribution limit
Makes sound financial and emotional sense

How It Works


Discuss your wishes with family. Meet with your chosen Funeral Director and discuss your needs. Choose a payment option and sign contract.

At Time of Need

Your next of kin will carry our your arrangements as per your wishes.

Claiming Funeral Fund

Your chosen Funeral Director will submit your claim on your behalf with the required documentation.

A World of Experience