About Us

Rosemane Funerals since 1988


One of Adelaide’s most experienced funeral directors.
UK trained with traditional values.

Our History


Graham started in the funeral industry in Cornwall UK in 1988.

Following his move to South Australia in 1999, Graham soon realised that a funeral home offering a more personalised and traditional style of service was needed and went on to create a family run funeral home in Hope Valley in 2002.

 Following a brief relocation back to the UK, Graham returned to the Southern Vales of Adelaide and continued with the family business with his wife, Robyn.

Rosemane Funerals commenced operating in the southern suburbs of Adelaide and are again able to offer that outstanding service at a more affordable price, which they were well known for.



Having been exposed to the funeral industry from a young age, Josh has naturally developed a very caring attitude and loves working in the industry.

Josh shares the Rosemane Funerals passion for offering quality service and with his polite and endearing nature, is a welcome addition to our team.

Currently studying part time at Adelaide University, Josh is only too willing to spend his free time in training with Graham, as our next generation Funeral Director.




Robyn joined Graham Rosemane in the funeral industry in 2012 and together they have formed a successful team who are well respected in the industry.

Robyn has an extensive background in customer and supplier relations and business management. She often joins Graham on funeral services and is responsible for the administration side of the business.



A World of Experience